Location High Rock Island (Island B-115) offers a unique experience for guests.  The island sits on the cusp of the vast expanse of the bay as you look West.  You do not feel as though you are trapped among the hinterland of the back islands.  You are on the forefront of the wild and untamed natural beauty of the island chain.  Gusty mornings give way to flat calm afternoons.  Thrilling lightning storms are tamed by lazy days canoeing around the neighboring islands.  A marina with groceries, a liquor store, and anything anyone would want is a 12 minute boat ride away.  Finally, the famous Henry’s Diner is about 15 minutes North.


Dwellings:  High Rock features two cabins, one “main” and one “guest” cabin.

  • The main cabin has a guest bedroom with two twin beds and a master bedroom with one queen size bed.  The “Lanai” game room also sleeps two with one twin bed and a couch.  The main cabin houses the full kitchen and bathroom with shower.
  • The guest cabin features a separate room with two twin beds and a main room with an additional two twin beds which can be put together to form a master bedroom.  There is also an additional twin bed and couch.  The guest cabin has it’s own smaller fireplace and bathroom with sink and flushable toilet.
  • Large parties are welcome, and in total, the island offers 10 beds and 2 couches, as well as several areas to place tents, if preferred.
  • Finally, there is a workshop on the lee side of the island that has a wide variety of tools and equipment for any tinkering or repairs that may be needed as well as the main gas-powered generator.


Interior Amenities:  Modern day necessities such as flushable toilets in both the guest and main cabins, a hot-water indoor shower, and a large fireplace round out this cozy family-friendly dwelling.  High Rock also features a unique battery-storage system that functions off of a solar panel on the roof.  In addition to being eco-friendly, this system provides enough electricity to power a moderate amount of refrigeration, evening electrical light, an electric piano in the main room, and any other electrical devices which utilize 12 volt power.  Bay water is pumped to the main cabin for use in the kitchen sink and shower via an electric pump which is connected to a gas-powered generator.  This generator must be switched on briefly each morning to prime the system for use during the day.


Safety:  The island features lightning rods on all structures, a fire pump with a high powered industrial hose in case of emergency, and interior fire extinguishers.  A first aid kit is provided as well.  Cell phone reception is reliable.


Boats & Travel:  Boats are not included with island rental, but various boat and motor sizes are available for rent on a weekly basis at both Moose Deer Point Marina (705) 375-5155 and Moon River Marina (705) 375-2342, where parking is also provided.  The trip from parking at Moon River Marina to High Rock is approx. 30 minutes in easily navigable waters by boat and passes the famous Hurontario Boys Camp.


A Closer Look…

Main cabin window looking West


Main cabin living room with fireplace


Guest bedroom and master bedroom off of the main living space


Electric piano powered off of 12v solar power


All walkways are timber planked, and the back dock is sheltered & secure from winds and weather


Comes with fire pit and grilling equipment for those balmy nights…


…or relax with a book  🙂